How to Clean a Main Sewer Line

The main sewer line is the life line for other sub sewer lines that connect to the toilet, bath, and shower or sink. Clogging in the main sewer line can cause the other lines to clog and cause foul smells. There are two ways in which a blocked main sewer can be cleared.

Mechanical drainage cleaner:

Sewer cleaning professionals use a variety of tools for clearing sewer blockages. One such tool is an auger tool or drain snake. It looks like a sink or toilet auger, but is longer and power assisted.

High pressure water jet is another tool for flushing away obstructions and blockage inside sewer lines. With a pressure of 4,000 psi, high pressure water literally blows away obstructions inside blocked sewer lines.

Chemical drainage cleaner:

Chemical drainage is usually used for killing tree roots growing inside the lines. Chemicals like copper sulphate are used to clear blocked sewers. Also, root-killing foam that contains metam-sodium and dichlobenil are used to kill roots formed inside blocked sewer lines.

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