How to keep your sewer drains free flowing?

Just imagine you come home from a long day and find your kitchen flooded with wastewater. It is the biggest nightmare a homeowner can experience.  It can take place in the bathroom, kitchen and even the laundry room. However, to make sure such situation never occurs again, you need to know certain things:


Understand the system

The most relevant part of clearing a blocked sewer drain is identifying which part of it is blocked. Your plumbing system is comprised of several small waster removal pipes that feed directly into the larger sewer line. The main line takes the waste water out from your house into the municipal sewer. Most of the houses have separate routes for kitchens, toilets, showers and tubs.


How to clean a slow drain?

If you observe that water from your kitchen sink is draining slowly, it may be due to something caught in the drain trap or trap arm. So, therefore, to clear it, remove the trap arm and clean all the debris from it. However, if it does not work, use a plumbing snake. Run the cold water into the line as you snake it. It will help you break up clogs and wash the dirt away.


What if your bathtub or shower gets clogged?

Your bathroom gets blocked due to hair, soap and shampoo that gets stuck in the line and clogs it. A drain stick can help in such a situation. The long plastic stick has a spiked tip at the end that gets hold of any waste accumulated inside the pipes. Just remove the drain pipe and put the stick into it and twist a few times to clean the blockage.


However, if none of the above solutions work, then you may need a professional help. With the help of high velocity jetting, a strong spray of pressurised water will be pumped through the plumbing system that will break the dirt.


Prevention is the best remedy. It is because regular clogging may put your sewer system at risk and you may get the pipes changed which is a costly affair.


Take measures to keep them clean without using any harsh chemicals. Use a simple baking soda and vinegar solution once a month and let it sit for about an hour prior to flushing warm water down. The tip will remove all the dust and dirt accumulate in your pipes.


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